Nature's Image
Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina

“Seldom do you see a house that fits so naturally into its surroundings. This is one of those rare occasions where the architectural design actually adds to the natural beauty of its environment. Its open layout, expansive glass and numerous porches literally bring the outside in. Who wouldn’t want to live here during the day and listen to the tapping of rain on the roof at night?”
-David Hoke
BLF Marketing

“The exterior and interior design produced an authentic representation of southern comfortable charm and hospitality down to every detail. The rear screened porch brought back memories of my childhood and made me homesick for South Carolina. I especially appreciated the effort taken to keep the main house authentic in scale by designing separate buildings that would house guest, automobiles, boats and of course the “oyster shed”; and the use of recycled materials.”
“For me the big wow of the Natures Image Home is its authenticity…”

-Brenda Kunkel MIRM CMP
Kunkel Real Estate Strategies

“While some of the other top entries were very well done, many of them relied on superfluous ornamentation to help with the overall impression, the Nature’s Image house in Bluffton, South Carolina was a great example of the honing down of details to the essential elements necessary to make this in my opinion the most creative design, appropriate to it’s sensitive site.”
-Lyle Breeze, AIBD
Breeze & Associates

“Nature’s Image represents the whole package. It is a home to be lived in and in times like this we all want a home that fits. This house fits not only the surroundings, but it fits as a home for its inhabitants. It is like a cocoon — wrapping you in its walls and inviting you to remain.”
-Dottie Fawcett

“There is an obvious sensitivity to the site, from breaking up of the buildings to reduce the scale, to the natural landscaping and preservation. The simple geometry is quite dynamic, yet warm and human in scale, when infused with the architecture of the living spaces, recycled materials and natural light in the Great Spaces of this home.”
-Mike Hofmeister,

Gundacker New Homes Division