High Cotton
Cassique, South Carolina

This 5,000 square foot home draws from the English architects of the early 20th century. Located in Cassique, a planned development outside Charleston, South Carolina, “High Cotton” joins the English Style with its Lowcountry environment. The client’s desire for a detail-oriented home that celebrates its surroundings is accomplished through custom wood detailing and a strong connection to nature.

Abundant outdoor spaces and extensive glazing blur the transition between interior and exterior space. An open floor plan allows the living, dining, and kitchen area expansive views of the golf course and marsh beyond.

Tabby stucco and brick incorporate the local vernacular with the English style, while natural colors and living walls help blend the structure with the surrounding flora.
“High Cotton” becomes a place for its clients to enjoy the beauty of the Lowcountry in comfort and style. It becomes a place to call home.