The Process

Our goal in the process described below is to insure that you are getting: the best service and value, a unique design for your home, that your wishes and desires have been fulfilled, and that we have taken full advantage of the natural attributes of your site. The end result should be that you are happy living in your new home and you enjoyed the experience of building your home with us.

This constitutes our full range of services. There are many advantages to utilizing this format. For example in the Bidding/Negotiation phase it is quite possible that we will save you considerable money by facilitating a bidding process to several builders.

Our use of building information modeling (BIM) software creates a set of very detailed drawings which you as the client can easily understand. This allows us to resolve design issues early instead of in the field. You can feel confident through the use of photorealistic digital images that you will not be surprised or disappointed with build elements which could result in change orders.

The builder can be assured of a level of detail that will make him be more productive in the field causing less misunderstanding and ultimately saving you time and money.

Although we do encourage you to take advantage of our full services and feel that it is the best value, we can tailor services to meet your needs and budget. Whether you are budget minded or design driven we are sensitive to both.

  • Programming
  • Through a series of conversations, we learn from you what your wish list is and how your budget fits into those wishes. We then develop a program that identifies your needs and desires.
  • Your program will help us establish your needs on a room-by-room basis, allowing us to establish the overall square footage of your home.
  • Using this approximate size, we apply a cost per square foot number as the first step in balancing quality, size and budget.
  • Schematic Design
  • Free-hand sketches of the site plan, floor plans and elevations demonstrate the overall character of the design and how the design fulfills your needs and desires while realizing the opportunities offered by your property.
  • At your request, it will be modified at no additional charge until you are 100% satisfied.
  • We will then submit and obtain approval from the local Architectural Review Board (ARB). Any changes warranted by the ARB will be incorporated upon your approval at no additional charge.
  • Design Development
  • A 3-D computer generated rendering helps you to evaluate and approve of the design.
  • Hurricane resistance, energy conservation and moisture control issues will be discussed during this phase.
  • You will see more detailed exterior and interior aspects of the design through still images and a fly around. Changes made to the design are at no additional cost.
  • To aid in ensuring that we are on budget, the drawings can be provided to a short list of builders or the builder of your choice for an early estimate.
  • Coordination with engineers and landscape architects begins during this phase.
  • Preliminary ARB approval is obtained during this phase.
  • Interior Architecture Phase
  • We work with you to develop the interior architecture, i.e. fireplace design, ceiling, wall, floor, bath details, etc.
  • We create interior elevations and 3-D, computer generated interior views that communicate the design concepts and their elements.
  • Green, healthy home and sustainable issues such as the use of renewable materials and non-toxic finishes will be discussed for inclusion in the specifications and drawings as directed.
  • Interior Selections
  • We accompany you and your interior designer, if you are using one, as you visit various show rooms to select the appliances, finishes, electrical and plumbing fixtures for your new home.
  • Construction Documents
  • All drawings and specifications necessary for permitting and construction are created.
  • Additional detailing and necessary drawings are completed along with the specifications.
  • We will then submit and obtain final ARB approval.
  • Bidding/Negotiation
  • We assist you in selecting a builder through negotiation or competitive bidding.
  • Value engineering with builder and owner is often a part of this phase. Modifications to the drawings due to value engineering is included as part of our services.
  • Construction Phase Administration
  • We act as your representative, monitoring construction for adherence to plans and specifications and quality of fit and finish.
  • We take photos weekly, keeping you informed via a progress report of concerns we may have, and actions we are taking.
  • We review and authorize builder requests for payment.
  • At the end of construction, we create a final "punch list" for items that were not completed acceptably.